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Architecture Is Just a Pretext
CARNETS Magazine

Carnets is an architecture research project started in 2017 by eight architects from the Iuav University of Venice. In a two-year survey, 30 young European architectural practices were involved through interviews, discussions, round tables, and workshops, with the aim to portray the status of the architectural practice in the European countries, after the 2008 economic crisis.

Furthermore, the project aims also to find other narratives regarding the architectural design cultures and practices, by investigating both the biographical experiences of each actor and their way of representing the architecture.

The results witnessed the emergence of new modalities and approaches in representing the city and architecture: a series of drawings (furnished by each architect) reconfirm the role of the representation as a complementary tool of a new way of doing architecture, capable of rendering a new image of cities and spaces.

While Carnets was born as a self-published editorial project, in 2019 the project takes the form of a printed book called ‘Architecture is just a pretext’. The book is also the result of a joint collaboration with a series of Venetian-based professional figures: the graphic studio M-L-XL, publishing label Anteferma and the graphic laboratory Grafiche Veneziane. The publication features interviews with 30 European architectural studies, together with the contribution of essays written by Davide Tommaso Ferrando, Ludovico Centis, Benjamin Gallegos Gabilondo, and Marco Provinciali, Saul Marcadent.

Bio Carnets is composed of eight architects, graduated from Iuav University of Venice between 2017 and 2018: Marco Andreatta, Caterina Barbon, Gianluca Bernardi, Andrea Cusanno, Davide Cecconello, Leonardo Peressa, Tommaso Petrosino, Matteo Vianello. Although their lives and practices were located in different European cities since 2017, they often managed to gather all together in Venice, Carnets’ home base. After the publication of the book, and with the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the collective is split around Europe again, nevertheless losing the will to share each other’s personal trajectories.

2019 (ongoing), Essays, interviews, architectural drawings, English, 15×24 cm, 224 pages

Title Architecture Is Just a Pretext
Authors CARNETS (Marco Andreatta, Gianluca Bernardi, Andrea Cusanno, Caterina Barbon, Davide Cecconello, Leonardo Peressa, Tommaso Petrosino, Matteo Vianello)
ISBN 978-88-32050-47-9
Edition: Dec 2019, Anteferma Edizioni (
Printing: Colore Pantone, Grafiche Veneziane (
Binding: Brossura filo refe
Graphic Project: M-L-XL (