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Sophie Dars, Carlo Menon, Galaad Van Daele (content editors), Ismaël Bennani & Orfée Grandhomme (editorial design)

Accattone explores minor practices in art and architecture through the specific means of the printed magazine. As an exhibition on paper, each issue is a montage of contributions whose shared positions towards reality, history and representation resonate with one another. In the current landscape of non-commercial publications, Accattone’s originality lies in the strong visual orientation and in the close association of methods, editorial devices and featured contents. Through these experiments, crossing the methods of artists-as-iconographers with emerging architectural practices, Accattone addresses critically a fundamental aspect of thinking and practice: the working document and the changing status of the image. Accattone is an ongoing exploration: themes discovered in an issue are expanded in subsequent ones. First material gestures, 1:1 scale models, triggering pictures (issue #1); bricolage, minor architecture and personal narratives (#2-3); collections, perverse museography and strata of power relations (#4); photography’s ability to provide minor perspectives on the architecture of power (Corporate Arcadia exhibition and #5). More recently, it has investigated a renewed relationship with land, matter, ‘nature’ and localities against the backdrop of the new climatic regime (Villa Thunberg, #6). A-periodical, self-published and non-subsidized, Accattone was launched in 2014 by two architects (Sophie Dars & Carlo Menon) and two graphic designers (Ismaël Bennani & Orfée Grandhomme), joined in 2019 by architect Galaad Van Daele. Through six issues and several side projects, the magazine has gained international recognition and distribution in both professional and academic contexts.

Bio Accattone is an independent editorial project started in Brussels by two architects (Sophie Dars and Carlo Menon) and two graphic designers (Ismaël Bennani and Orfée Grandhomme, Überknackig Studio), joined in 2019 by architect Galaad Van Daele.
Sophie Dars and Carlo Menon collaborate together across theoretical research, pedagogy, publications and design.
Orfée Grandhomme and Ismaël Bennani founded Überknackig Bureau in 2010. The studio focuses on design and art direction, playing an essential role in partnerships with artists, curators, editors, architects and institutions.
Galaad Van Daele investigates the construction of built and ‘natural’ spaces by means of writing, design and photography.

24 x 32 cm, softcover, sewn and glued binding, 180 colour pages (average), English

Editors Sophie Dars, Carlo Menon, joined in 2019 by Galaad Van Daele (content editors), Ismaël Bennani & Orfée Grandhomme (editorial design)
Financed, published and distributed Accattone asbl/vzw, a non-profit organisation registered in Belgium
Year 2014 - ongoing
Place Brussels
ISSN 2295–6255