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About Local and Rural
A metabolic approach to the management of Garraf Natural Park
Carlos Bergillos Soler, David Camacho Abad and Genís Garcia Borràs

Drawing from the mainstream urban discipline whose main focus lies on cities, this book aims to address the value of rural lifestyle and its synergies and exchanges within city dynamics. Through the experience of the rural community, it highlights the potential of an enriching social and economic fabric of Garraf’s local context. The increasing pressure of urban areas makes it crucial to look at farming rural communities which are essential to the environment's management though inevitably in decline. Analysing the social, economical and territorial features through a metabolic approach it will be possible to deepen various strategies to promote rural resilience despite the advance of globalisation. From a trans-scalar approach, the book is divided in three main chapters that encompass different ways of looking at the landscape. The first chapter Between Walls, tackles the built heritage, its community’s living habits and the traditional constructions. Secondly, Between lands, pursues the autonomy and empowerment of Garraf’s inhabitants through the potential of the territory’s metabolic flows. Lastly, Between Paths, studies the net of roads that vertebrate the area and that become a connection with the exterior. Such understanding of connections enables rural inhabitants to survive in a continuous synergy with nearby urban areas. With the understanding of such different scales, this work proposes further research paths towards the integration of viable strategies that might help to improve the living conditions of the aforesaid community and their socio-economical constraints. The final objective is to reverse the progressive rejection of agricultural activities and its sustaining structures, by strengthening the relationship with the metropolitan context. This book also includes guideline tools that emphasise the sustainability and resilience resulting from the adoption of agricultural activities as a way of living, also as part of the resources offered by the territory that constitutes the Garraf Natural Park. Local is what we live with, the land we step on, as well as the trees that give us shade and the familiar faces we see everyday. Instead, the rural relates to the agricultural field’s fatigues but also to the effort put on a land that belongs to nature. About Local and Rural are the people who inhabit that place and the recognition of their realities’ value.


Bio The Studio Local collective arises from the communion of the architects Carlos Bergillos Soler, David Camacho Abad, Genís Garcia Borràs. This agrupacion comes together with the Final Master Thesis of the Master of Sustainables Interventions in the Build Environment, imparted at Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura del Vallés ETSAV_UPC, based in Barcelona. The interest of this collective it’s centered in the social metabolism of communities and the integral management of its own territory and it’s resources. Through the architecture and spatial practice we aim to endow communities with tools to overcome social and environmental justice.

2020, First edition, Softcover, 170x220 mm, 438 pages.

Title About Local and Rural. A metabolic approach to the management of Garraf Natural Park
Authors Carlos Bergillos Soler, David Camacho Abad, Genís Garcia Borràs