Vojtech Radakulan
fictional possibilities
Prague, CZ

Vojtěch Radakulan is a talented artist with an additional background in architecture currently based in Prague, running his own independent practice since 2018. Although educated as an architect, he uses those tools not as a method of construction, but rather as a method for thinking about problems important to him, questioning the future of our virtual and fictional meats.


Balancing work and life

I started my practice in 2018, right after graduating. I didn’t really have a studio since I prefered to work on my own. So my girlfriend, two of our friends and I decided to rent a small office in Prague in the beginning of 2019. Now, we share the space, cook and even conduct parties together.


Across disciplines

I have never built a house so far in my professional career and I am not sure if I want to. I also have an art education, so I consider myself more artist than an architect. However, I like using the tools of architecture to produce various fictional and virtual environments. The outcomes are nowadays usually computer games, books, animated videos and exhibitions. I do occasionally work on exhibition designs or interactive architecture walkthroughs. I am however interested in architecture, both real and speculative as well as in game design and science fiction. My work is a mixture of our physical world and its fictional possibilities. I am trying to question the boundaries of reality and fiction, exploring worlds and possibilities, where the real and the fictional blurs and the virtual becomes more and more immersive.


A messy weekly schedule

I start to work around 9:00 or 10:00 am and leave the office around 6:00 or 7:00p.m. Sometimes I have my Sunday on a Wednesday or vice versa. There are also times when I forget to take a vacation making the people around me go crazy. Sometimes, my entire week might be a Sunday, and at other times I have seven Mondays in a row.


A studio in the city centre

I work on my own in a shared space. The studio is located in the city centre of Prague in a Laichter´s house designed by famous Czech architect, Jan Kotěra. My girlfriend, my two friends and I, we all know each other from school. We sometimes joke about setting up a commune, since we have perhaps spent too much time together. 


Through the lens of architecture

In the beginning, I was under the impression that I might practice proper architecture aside from my art endeavours, but it shortly became quite apparent that I simply did not have the right nature to do so. I was thinking a lot during my studies about why I chose to study architecture, and I think it helped me to develop and possess a special sort of thinking about design, which I use nowadays not to create architecture, but to create art and other cultural pieces.


Becoming fully free and independent

I prefer not to make huge plans, since it somehow forces you to stick with it. I would like to be even more free, independent, stubborn and self-sufficient than I am now. I would like to publish a proper PC game about virtual worlds, robots and architecture made out of crimson clouds.

vojtech rada foto Vojtch R





Photography Courtesy of Vojtěch Radakulan

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