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Facing reality
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SET is an architecture, urbanism and design studio based in Rome, led by Onorato di Manno and Andrea Tanci. After having met in the Roma Tre University, they established their practice and have gone on to grow into a dynamic, multifunctional office that believes in an essential architecture that looks at archetypal forms to imagine future scenarios.



Starting out with a competition win

We met each other at the University of Roma Tre. After graduating we started working for other important architectural firms trying to get experience in the field, both in Italy and across the world. In 2015, the desire to develop our own vision and our architectural research led us to participate in an international competition together, for the first time. A year later, following the victory of that competition, we realized and inaugurated the Bologna Shoah Memorial: our first important architectural work that led us to form our studio in Rome and that nowadays is based also in London.


Architects at the service of society

We consider the architect a socially useful figure, we often find ourselves being points of reference for the client, we establish close relationships that lead us to give advice that goes beyond those strictly related to design. One can find oneself thinking on much broader issues, becoming confidants. It's nice to be able to give visions that can improve people's lives. In a certain sense, helping to sensitize the customer towards the quality of spaces and atmospheres that can enrich their lifestyles.


Allowing flexibility for various activities

In our experience, there is no defined routine, because our work schedule is very dynamic and always changing depending on the situation and the amount of work. As the workload increases in some period and diminished in other also our presence in the studio can be different, so not only one has to be present in the office but also has to follow a busy list of appointments, lectures, construction sites and clients. Our firm is built around the concept of flexibility. Being able to be open towards collaboration on different levels and aim to form international relations. 


A collaborative and multidisciplinary space 

Our office allows us to have a very multifunctional office environment. Depending on the workload, our office configuration and team asset changes. Our office space is able to host collaborators that can help us forming a multidisciplinary team when we need. The hierarchies of the office function such that the partners take care of everything concerning the project and the business - also from a bureaucratic point of view - but every architect that collaborates with our firm works in an inclusive way toward the design and experimentation, together with us and aligned with our vision and approach.


Facing the reality of slow project execution

For sure we expected that new projects or competitions won in the past years, would start faster and with fewer issues. The reality is that it’s a system that moves slowly and that requires patience to collect all that has been sown over the years. As a studio, we work on different types of design, from urban planning to architecture to interiors. With time, we gained a lot of credibility in the architectural scene and we have also been involved in the field of education and currently we are teachers at the IED European Institute of Design and we collaborate with Roman universities as well.


Growing globally as an architecture office

Our goals have always been projected onto a realistic vision and we are aware of the rhythms and times that are required. We pursue and nourish them with constant ambition, determination and dedication. As an office, we aspire to grow both nationally and internationally, across all fields of interest of our practice and that is consistent in our way of designing. Also, we want to further investigate the strong component of research and teaching that we have always carried out with passion.

SET Portrait VStudio Daido

Photography Studio Daido

SET Office HSET Architects

Photography SET Architects

04 Press Box Marco Cappelletti LR SET Architects min

Photography Marco Cappelletti

03 Bologna Shoah Memorial Simone Bossi SET Architects min

05 House For a Couple Simone Bossi SET Architects min

Photography Simone Bossi

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