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Luton, UK, and Dubai, AE

NYXO is a design company founded and lead by Mirko and Michele Daneluzzo. Based in in Luton, United Kingdom, and Dubai, UAE, it is a trans-disciplinary R&D office for the development of visionary ideas. Founded on nomadic principles, NYXO has been constantly evolving contexts in order to produce an architecture based on regeneration.


Joining forces eventually

In 2008 Mirko got in touch with a company willing to design the interiors of their new ultralight aircraft. Because of the importance of the commission he slowly involved me, his brother Michele, into the design process. So, while studying we were taking the first steps as professionals. This was indeed the first concrete collaboration we had together. After this experience, for several years we just took personal pathways, including the completion of our studies. In these years, we always worked on personal projects asking the other opinions about the development, basically we developed over many years the capacity to make a synthesis of our differences. Then in 2015 we simply decided it was time to join forces and start something together officially.


Regeneration from evolving contexts

During the week, professional and private life are pretty fused together creating kind of a continuity. To preserve ourselves, we just take the weekends off to do other activities. We live in different places with different time zones, so it we often have to have a meeting in the late evening, or sometimes late at night. Because of this, we basically have a little corner at home where we can connect to all the necessary content, a little working space: we leave the office around 5pm then we simply move what we have to do, to a more domestic space. Changing context is for us regenerating.


Organising workspaces according to the projects

One of our founding values is nomadism, even if an old country house in Italy is a sort of isolated retreat for NYXO. This vast space was used as a storage place for products of the land, and as in other times was used to deposit and preserve, today we use it to collect our study models, the studio's library and a basic prototyping lab.

Because there aren’t specific hierarchies, and the spaces also change according to the project we are working on, the regular office is the space of the execution, but we usually go out because we tend to organise meetings according to the situation. For example, to better follow the development of a project in Belgium a few years ago, we rented and transferred part of the team in a spacious apartment equipped with a roomy working area, in the little city of Leuven.


High-tech goals for the future

We always feel the need to renew our design methodology through technologies and tools able to manage an increased complexity. In this case, one of the mid-range challenges is to incorporate custom made VR and AI tools into the design process. This to explore and elaborate a synthesis between the designer’s intention and data manipulation.

From the projects’ point of view, we will develop a series of 3D printing designs for architectural applications in different scales. Our goal is to have at least one of these projects realised in the next three years.





Photography Courtesy of NYXO

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