Teaching and practicing
Stockholm, SE

Norell/Rodhe is an architecture studio founded in 2012 by Daniel Norell and Einar Rodhe. Based in Stockholm. While balancing time between teaching and practice, the studio has grown organically into one that understands architecture as a cultural practice, with each project seeking to unfold stories and establish conversations with the city and its inhabitants.


Funding in the beginning through competition wins

We taught together in an architecture school and started working out of our shared office in the school building. In the beginning it was mostly competitions and taking part in small exhibitions. A few of our competition entries were awarded prizes, which provided the funding to rent a studio space and to buy some equipment.


Making a name for oneself

One way we get work is actually through other architects. Through friends and colleagues that match us up with clients. This can be a good way to hit it off with a client - it may make the client think “this architect I know recommends another architect, then this other architect must be good…!”


Avoiding the cliché of the heroic architect

We both teach and lecture at architecture and art schools in Sweden and abroad, so the time we spend together in the studio is precious. Sure, we sometimes work long hours, but we try to stay clear of the cliché of heroic architects suffering through late nights. And we rarely work through weekends.


An atelier in a luminous old attic

We share an artist atelier with photographer Helene Schmitz. The atelier is located in the attic of an old apartment building in Stockholm. It has an enormous skylight making it ideal for model photography. Models and mock-ups have always been important to our way of working, but even more so since we moved into this space.

NorellRodhe Daniel Norell and Einar Rodhe

NorellRodhe Studio 2

NorellRodhe Studio 1

NorellRodhe House RR

Photography Courtesy of Norell/Rodhe

NorellRodhe The Royal Institute of Art MikaelOlsson7797 98b2

Photography ©Mikael Olsson

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