KH studio
Towards a busy future
Copenhagen, DK

KH Studio is a Copenhagen and Zürich based office. Founded by Kaspar Sando and Henrik Gjerstad in 2016, the practice remains committed to create an architecture that continues to explore the relationship between nature and humanity while constantly working through an artistic and innovative approach.


Gathering diverse experiences

Kaspar Sando and Henrik Gjerstad both grew up in the coastal suburban area south of Oslo. There, inspired by the strong Scandinavian tradition, we have been creating architecture in relation to the wild Norwegian landscape. We both hold a Master of Architecture from The Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark. Through the years, Henrik gathered experiences from studies abroad at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, USA and TU Delft in The Netherlands. He also collaborated at OMA Office for Metropolitan Architecture in New York City in 2018 and at Jensen & Skodvin Architects in Oslo in 2019. Kaspar has experience from the Dublin School of Architecture, following his strong collaboration at ArchStudio in Zürich, Switzerland where he mainly designed luxurious housing and competitions in Europe. Alongside different positions we founded KH Studio together. Currently, we run the studio out of Copenhagen and Zürich.


Networking at vernissages

It is fascinating to think about how we humans experience the world through our surroundings. How a material can evoke different memories for different people. People live and spend most of their time in buildings, we experience architecture as hard or soft, heavy or light, hot or cold. We try to create architecture with a bold statement of its time and KH studio is always looking for collaborative studios for new projects. The past years we have had collaborations with ArchStudio, Studio Tenev, ArkTellus, Fabio Don, Filippo Brutto & Philip Box. We always try to attend both private and public events, vernissages is where we meet most of our clients.


An intensive profession

Working as an architect is really time consuming. After years in the field, it has now become a lifestyle. It requires long working hours, and you always have to be present. We are ambitious and motivated to reach our goals. We work with smaller and bigger projects. We also make the space and time for doing competitions. We believe we will gain lots of inspiration and knowledge entering both national and international competitions.


Combining styles

Kaspar usually organises the workload, and loves a strong grid. They are both fond of strong geometrical shapes. Henrik has a background in art and brings his knowledge and artistic approach to architecture. KH works with compositions and usually creates an architecture that balances between strong rectangles and circles. KH seeks a balance between function and art, and their projects often have an artistic and innovative approach.


Towards a busy future

We believe we have achieved good qualifications to succeed in our initial goals in the field. We mainly focus on small scale projects to be finalised. On the other hand, we aim to do a big number of competitions. For the future, we would like to focus on both private housing, but we are also aiming for bigger public buildings.We have participated in both smaller and larger international competitions, beside our smaller projects. In the next few years we will focus on planning and detailing, so we can in some years start building up KH with a strong base and intention. We want to work in different fields of architecture, from private houses to bigger commercial buildings.

KH Kaspar Sando

IMG 0036 Kaspar Sando


v1 Kaspar Sando

8 Kaspar Sando

Photography Courtesy of KH studio

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