Jean-Benoît Vétillard
Searching for autonomy
Paris, FR

Jean-Benoît Vétillard Architectures, founded in 2014, is based in Paris. Since 2009, Jean-Benoît has been conducting a personal activity where all scales are tackled; where art, scenography and architecture cohabit without preconceived hierarchy. He currently teaches at the School of the City and Territories of Marne-la-Vallée.


Becoming autonomous

I had a first scenography commissioned by la Cité d'Architecture de Paris, in 2014. it was about the François Schuiten's drawings. At the same time I was an assistant teacher in the workshop of Reza Azard ATELIER DES EXTRAPOLATIONS METROPOLITAINES; at the Ecole Spéciale of Paris. These two activities have allowed me to become autonomous. Then the projects and proposals followed one another.


Being sincere about one’s convictions

Sincerity and Conviction. To be sincere with your client and with your own convictions. even if it doesn't allow you to win more contests. so what? Another thing, my experiences have shown me that having a good client is 50% of the way to go. The other 50% is a lot of sweat, drawings, models, patience, listening and unpleasant emails.


Many diverse conversations

In a normal day, I can sometimes have discussions with very different people; a 19-year-old student lost in his project, a polish plumber, the director of a national museum... that's what I like. About my private life, I'm not married, I don't have a child. Honestly, I don't know how else I would do it.


Creating a personal protocol

I don't see any particular gap between my expectations and reality. I knew very early that it is a very difficult job. I worked for very different agencies, which allowed me to multiply my experiences, visions of the profession and ways of doing things, for real. I used it to create my own protocol.

JB VETILLARD NB Jeanbenoit vetillard

GM 2019 05 BAP TROGLODYTE 1513 Jeanbenoit vetillard

GM 2018 02 Multiplo 6784 Jeanbenoit vetillard

191023 Arsenal Hotels Marquise Salem HD 11 Jeanbenoit vetillard

GM 2018 12 SURFACESSENSIBLES 5046 Jeanbenoit vetillard

Photography Courtesy of Jean-Benoît Vétillard

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