A biophilic approach
Amsterdam, NL

GG-loop is an architectural practice established in 2014 in Amsterdam by Giacomo Garziano. The office works within an international network, deriving its strength from an interdisciplinary approach. They work on different scales, ranging from urban planning to industrial design. GG-loop is also involved in art projects, such as installations, digital sculpture and immersive performances, embracing various creative fields.


An overview of GG-Loop’s beginnings

We established GG-loop in 2014 in Amsterdam with the aim to introduce novel, biophilic approaches into design and architecture. I had more than 10 years experience working for studios like NIO architecten and UNStudio. Some of my major projects to date include the Doha Metro and the extension of the Contemporary Art Museum in Prato, Italy. Our first project brought the practice to international recognition: I turned my family house in Altamura, Italy, into the multiple award-winning polyhedral House-Museum "The Seed of Time", with a 3-day opening event that merged music, science and art.


Lady Gaga moves to Altamura

An old corner house in Altamura had been meticulously covered with scaffolds since early September 2014. Locals wondered what would become of that building, as it was usual practice to demolish these wonderful tuff stone vaulted old rural houses, and that wasn’t happening. A few months later, on December 24th 2014, the day before Christmas, the scaffolds were removed. Whilst the workers posed for the ritualistic photo, cars started lining up, riders stopped, looking in wonder. “Look, Santa Claus’ home!”, ”It’s a disco-club!”, “Lady Gaga moves to Altamura!” were some of the divisive comments 5 years ago.  


A healthy and productive built environment

We believe that the key to truly innovative architecture has to do with a biophilic approach: the notion that our built environment should be made of healthy and productive spaces to help us reconnect to nature in which wellbeing and sense of community are fostered. Our holistic design approach manifests in our work environment, which emulates a cosy, naturally lit and green domestic space. In the office organisation and hierarchy, it is the same: the “loop” in the office name refers to bringing all the different experts and expertise together in the design process on the same level.     


Scaling up and reaching out to foreign markets

We are currently developing a parametric urban design tool for real estate developers in order to generate low environmental impact, modular, easy-to-build, biophilic, CLT mixed-use multi-scale complexes, balancing the technical benefits of an environmentally conscious construction with the qualitative, lived-in experience of an organic and natural space. “Mitosis” is our response to city densification and need for restoration: the environment and its inhabitants are connected in a balanced ecosystem where the local biodiversity (flora and fauna) is respected. Freebooter was our pilot project of this research. We are currently preparing to scale up and to also reach foreign markets: France, Germany, Italy, Canada and China.

Giacomo Garziano photo Margherita Caldi Incingolo location The Seed of Time

Photography Margherita Caldi Incingolo

Answer 01 11 GG loop The Seed Of Time photo Michael Sieber

Photography Michael Sieber

Answer 06 GG loop Freebooter Nogueira 0326

Photography Francisco Nogueira

Answer 01 09 00 GG loop Gentle Genius photo Michael Sieber

Photography Michael Sieber

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