Revolutionising the human habitat
Madrid, ES

ENORME was founded in Madrid in 2016 and is currently led by Carmelo Rodríguez and Rocío Pina.  They emerged from the restructuring of PKMN Architectures and currently focus on designing and building through industrial systems and typological innovation. As specialists in mobile systems design applied to housing, office design and retail, they also examine urban issues while fostering a proactive citizen culture.


Reinventing a pre-established image

We started ENORME Studio four years ago after being PKMN Architectures for almost ten years. After breakups with partners, the loss of your old identity and the search for new challenges we needed an optimistic name. Rocío arrived one day running to the studio and said: we will be bigger than BIG, we will be ENORME (enormous). Everyone should be able to change their name throughout their life, we cling to identities that do not represent us and we cling to them out of a desire to maintain our status and not happiness.


Quirky secrets

We always have a secret weapon. Rocio is a very good ping pong player, and we have won several projects by challenging our clients to a ping pong duel against her and she has never lost yet! We have other hidden secret powers but they will never be revealed. Beat Rocío in a ping pong game and we'll tell you about it!


Upcoming projects and haphazard routine

Being quite a sentimental couple, our leisure and work are closely related. Although sometimes it is hard, this interrelation plays a very special role since the achievements that you are getting with ENORME Studio are very much of both. Thereby, the failures are digested better and the projects achieved are celebrated more. We don’t follow a strict daily routine because we do very different projects. In a couple of months we are working simultaneously on an experimental housing prototype, on an exhibition for a big museum and on an educational project that we will carry out with young people with certain problems. It is difficult to organise this into a routine.


Stimulating an open hierarchy

We share an office with other architecture and design studios. We believe that the synergies that are generated in a space when you surround yourself with brilliant, talented people with positive energy are fundamental. For some time now we have been doing the Swedish fika: a stop for a coffee and some food at noon while chatting about the human and the divine. The space is also a reflection of our open hierarchy. In the past years we have collaborated with many people, other designers and architects, neighbours, clients. We put a lot of attention and love into the process through which the projects are developed.


Researching and gaining expertise

Reality always surpasses fiction. When we began, we never thought clearly about where we were going or what we would specialise in, but sooner or later we had to build fictions that would later become realities. At the moment, we have two lines of work that have surpassed the rest: one has to do with flexibility in the world of housing and is going to be developed in the next five years and the other is already active, as we have sort of become experts in ephemeral installations, from the urban ones to branding and retail ones. 


Revolutionising the human habitat

We want to radically change the real estate sector in Spain. To start thinking about housing as a launching pad and exchange instead of as a prison. We are developing a project in which housing is considered as yet another service instead of as an exchange value or an investment. The project is called Flexible Habitats and will revolutionise the world of rental housing in our country.

ENORME Studio2 Enorme Studio

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Photography Courtesy od ENORME Studio

03 VINTALOGY PRINCIPE Photo by Javier de Paz Enorme Studio

Photography Javier de Paz

02 ASTRAL BODIES by FINSA Photo by Javier de Paz Enorme Studio

Photography Javier de Paz

05 LE JARDIN TROPICAL Photo by Javier de Paz Enorme Studio

Photography Javier de Paz

06 MOUNTAIN ON THE MOON Photo by Javier de Paz Enorme Studio

Photography Javier de Paz

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