A liquid structure
Madrid, ES

Established in Madrid by Enrique Espinosa in 2016, EEEStudio expands the experience and work developed previously by PKMN around objects, spaces, identities, city, childhood and intergenerationality, operating between ideas and reality from open and connected platforms and networks. The studio is a space whose agenda grows through a strong network of common interests and shared projects.


A space for shared projects

Eeestudio is one of the consequences of the professional split of PKMN architectures, a spanish architecture collective active from 2006 to 2016 founded by a bunch of university colleagues, friends and flatmates. Eeestudio, coordinated by one person, Enrique Espinosa, amplifies some of PKMN’s lines of work and new ones under a new network structure, based on multiple connections with different related agents. Eeestudio is therefore a space where the own agenda grows amidst individuality, common interests and shared projects.


Key ideas and themes

Just a couple of key facts. Every project must develop, besides correctness, at least 2-3 research or newness conditions… it might be a kind of new perspective in relation to the context, to our contemporaneity, it could be a kind of new technical or material detail or assembly, and of course, one of these special conditions could relate to sustainability, time-obsolescence, second lives and new ecologies.


Balancing family time and work

Growing up implies less speed but more resistance, precision and efficiency (well, having a family with two kids is also an important trigger). In the last years I have tried to balance between academy (teaching at ETSAM), researching (developing PhD and personal speculative projects) and practising architecture (studio), saying increasingly “no” in order to select stimulating projects, and lately trying also to keep under control workaholism to enjoy my family time.


A horizontal, coworking space

Eeestudio space is a small 65 sqm office, refurbished by ourselves with simple details, natural and light materials, in the central quartier of Chamberí, Madrid. We share the office with other 11 people, mostly architects and urbanists but also designers. So it’s a kind of coworking space with no management or benefit but common responsibilities and a horizontal structure. We work in a unique work space with four big shared tables and an extra-independent meeting room.


Maintaining a balance

Just keeping this kind of balance between individual and collective, between theory, teaching and practise seems to me to be something heroic. Besides, meeting new interesting people, learning everyday and pursuing new small discoveries means having fun and for sure guarantees unexpected rewards to come. 

eeestudio portrait 2 Enrique Espinosa min

eeestudio portrait 3 Enrique Espinosa min

eeestudio work 1 Enrique Espinosa min

eeestudio work 3 Enrique Espinosa min

eeestudio work 2 Enrique Espinosa

Photography Javier de Paz

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