draftworks* architects
Nomadic attitude
Nicosia, CY and Athens, GR

With a name inspired from a traditional architectural activity, draftworks* architects was founded in London in 2006 by Christiana Ioannou and Christos Papastergiou and currently operates in Nicosia and Athens. They recount a unique story of how a nomadic attitude as well as trusting collaborative methods helped them maintain a place-specific architecture.


Nomadic first steps

We founded draftworks* architects in 2006 in London after having worked together for 3 years in various competitions. Our practice was -during the first years- a nomadic one following our spasmodic change of interests and moves between countries. Our logo was ‘draftworks architects: London, Athens, Nicosia’, however this nomadic attitude, as well as our trust in a collaborative way of working has defined our attitude towards profession till today that our practice is more place-specific. 


That precious phone call

In the summer of 2007, our office was temporarily hosted in a series of booked rooms at the Bartlett School of Architecture old building in 22 Gordon Street, where we also held desk space while pursuing our PhD research at UCL. This is when we got, in 2007, that precious phone call from the client that we had won the first prize in the competition for the Larnaca salt lake visitors’ centre, which practically formed our professional life for the next few years. 


Small office structure

We believe that architectural offices today do not have to be big in size in order to be successful. The uniformity of processes in the EU that evolves from year to year, the new communication media, social networks, and the integration of computer aided design in the daily life makes it easier to hold distant collaborations, be more effective, and compete equally with colleagues from other European countries. This means that an office can be part of a larger international partnerships and can operate practically from a café or at home. 


Maintaining an innovative attitude

The practice was formed as a competition practice and the orientation of its various components was to win prices: strong clear concepts, innovative programmes, and communicative representation. We enjoyed the research and experimental aspect of taking part in competitions and combined this mode of working with teaching and doing research in academia. While we have been pursuing private commissions and built projects for the last five years, the challenge is to retain the competition rush and innovative attitude in these, more down-to-earth, projects.


Foto Reio Avaste

Photography Reio Avaste

draftworks studio1 christos papastergiou

draftworks Eleftherias

draftworks Liopetri

draftworks museum

Photography Courtesy of draftworks* architects

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