Hands in the mud
Toulouse, FR

BAST (Bureau Architectures Sans Titre) was founded in Toulouse in 2013. Since then, an anonymous approach and a proactive research posture has been adopted to experiment with the diverse potentialities of each project.  At each step of the design, solutions are found and contiguously questioned in an iterative way. As a result, projects don't follow a formal method, but instead develop in an evolutionary process that defines the identity of the office.


An 'impersonal' practice

BAST, just as many small practices, started with projects for friends and family. It quickly became a practice that wanted to experiment with building processes and focusing on the site more than on developing complex and precise study drawings. The team has since evolved a lot, from two to five, and then to three people today, the idea was to allow the office to accept new people to come in and leave without personifying it, that’s why it’s called Bureau Architecture Sans Titre (Untitled Architecture Office). 


Against specialisation

Monday morning meetings, reviewing everything together the different tasks we have to delegate between ourselves. Everyone does everything, cleaning, accounting, managing, cooking, and invoicing. Specialisation is not a rule at BAST. Then lunch (usually cheese and ham pastas) and we go back to work.


Hands in the mud

BAST recently opened its own working space: A former garage on the ground floor of a small collective housing building. It was an opportunity to experiment with our new “building process” along with the craftsmen we work with on our usual projects. We also have done many things ourselves, we like to “put our hands in the mud” as we say in French. We have an office/meeting space on the upper mezzanine floor and lunch/workshop on the lower floor.


Going further

Finding new ways to experiment with architecture. Today’s expectations are about finding ways to properly experiment in directions that go beyond the usual way of doing things. Architecture seems to be restrained by “traditional” construction and conception process. One such idea is to create our own commissions that would allow us to go a bit further.


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Photography Courtesy of BAST

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