An interplay of generations
Ljubljana, SI

Arhitektura - Office for Urbanism and Architecture is an international company, where the experience and ideas of two generations converge in a common cultural motive: making good architecture; one that is both rational and poetic. From their vibrant space in Ljubljana, Peter Gabrijelčič, Boštjan Gabrijelčič and Aleš Gabrijelčič have dedicated themselves to enrich spatial life in the fields of architecture, urbanism and design since 1997.


An interplay of generations

The story of a new generation began in 2008 when Boštjan and Aleš Gabrijelčič joined Arhitektura – office for urbanism and architecture previously led by Peter Gabrijelčič, who for many years held the position of professor and the dean at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana. Together they are working as a team of family partners covering different spectra of architecture and design. The interconnection of different generations opens up unique dynamics, keeping the projects vivid and interesting.  


An odd but true story

When we were designing a patio house for the client in Ljubljana we had to make a lot of compromises during the realisation of the project. In one of the meetings, the wife of the investor put her wedding ring on the table and said: “Now be careful who you are going to listen to!”  Of course, some years later the client called us and told us that he got divorced and wanted to finish the project as it was firstly designed.


Fostering a creative energy

Recently the office has been very active in different fields of our profession. In addition to our activities with ongoing projects, we have also been participating in numerous architecture competitions. It is rather difficult to speak about a daily routine, because every day brings uniquely exciting and unexpected things to our drawing board. Abundance of research and lively debates with our colleagues contribute to daily adventures that give us creative energy. This is something we hardly ever turn off, even in our private lives.


A versatile office space

Our office is located in the modernist apartment block in the city center of Ljubljana and covers 60 sq.m. of indoor space with an additional 40 sq.m. of outdoor garden. When designing large scale projects and competition proposals our team usually consists of 6 to 8 architects and designers from other fields of practice. In the hot summer days our front-door garden turns into a cozy picnic area suitable for small parties, which comes handy after a hard day’s work.


Keeping unique traditions alive

We all studied in the Ljubljana' Faculty of Architecture at the so-called Plečnik school. Renowned Slovenian architect JožefPlečnik was known for his curiosity and strict discipline. Designing every minor detail of the building, such as a doorknob or a ceiling lamp with the same enthusiasm as designing the entire palace of Slovenian national library (NUK) or the Prague castle complex Hradčani was something he dwelled on. Through our research and work in different scales and typologies, we are trying to keep alive this unique tradition and manner of Plečnik's architectural thought.


Aiming towards togetherness

We believe that architecture should at the same time be rational as it should be poetic. Quality architecture is something that is the result of a wider spatial, historical, technological and social context. At the same time it is also something that arises without predefined forms and looking for an aesthetic justification. Our goal is to keep finding the results and connecting with diverse forms of industries on the way in order to craft different layers to these ever-changing equations because togetherness is the word the world needs right now.


profil credits Tanja Gabrijelcic tanja gorsic

Photography Tanja Gabrijelcic

Rubikum for Three credits Miran Kambic tanja gorsic

Photography Miran Kambic

Double Brick House credits Miran Kambic tanja gorsic

Photography Miran Kambic

chair C2210 credits Bostjan Gabrijelcic tanja gorsic

Photography Bostjan Gabriejelcic

House for Ceramic Artist credits Miran Kambic tanja gorsic

Photography Miran Kambic

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