Call for Publications
New Generations Festival, Rome 2020
Submit your publications before Sunday, October 4th

Entitled ‘New Urban Challenges’, this edition of the New Generations Festival is scheduled for 16, 17, 18 December 2020 at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, comprising a full public programme of activities such as meetings and conferences with international guests, a series of open calls, and an exhibition that will be developed over the course of three years.


Call for Publications
Exhibition and Public Event

New Generations is looking for publications developed by emerging practices and architectural publishing projects. The call is open to books, magazines, zines, digital projects, papers, critical articles, and other forms of editorial production since 2015, related to one of these two year’s topics: (City and) People, (City and) Responsibility.

Selected authors, editors and publishers will get a chance to have their publications exhibited in a public installation at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, present their ideas at this year's festival, and get involved in a publication with the results of the project.

To apply, fill in this form before Sunday, October 4, 24:00 GMT+1

Anticipatory Editorial Practices
The upcoming three years’ editions of the New Generations festival will be based on the concept of ‘Anticipatory Editorial Practices’. Many emerging architects develop their discourse during the early stages of their careers in an experimental fashion; embryonic productions that have the potential to be translated into concrete projects, guidelines and ideas, allowing a critical positioning that prepares them to face a multitude of urban challenges in the years to come.

(City and) People: an ever-increasing number of people living in urban environments has forced architects, politicians, activists, and other related disciplines to develop and propose new ideas, theories, and guidelines in order to find feasible solutions to the complex problems posed by cities. A growing number of people are at the centre of this transformation, ready to take action in order to react to it. We are looking for research and proposals for collective projects, housing, new forms of cohabitation, reuse of abandoned or neglected buildings or areas, participatory actions where active citizens, architects, and other experts work together in order to modify the spaces we inhabit.

Keywords: public space governance, participation, urban reactivation, adaptive reuse, solidarity, empathy, cooperation, bottom-up, protocols

(City and) Responsibility: what do we mean by being responsible towards others and the society we live in? Responsibility is a transversal theme, a key topic central to the recent EU policies and tenders, as well as for cultural foundations and public institutions. Responsibility is also frequently addressed by architects in order to propose ideas to improve the quality of the urban environment. How can architects be useful while being responsible towards our living environments, exploring new ways to live in harmony with nature, or designing more inclusive and livable cities? We are looking for publications and theoretical production exploring the relation between the growing urban environment and these urgent matters.

Keywords: nature, food production, metabolism, reuse, recycle, climate change, inclusiveness.

Submissions will be reviewed and selected by our team as follows:

(A) Exhibition: a selection of submissions will be exhibited in an installation at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome.

(B) Exhibition, public event, and publication: a selection of 8-10 authors/editors/publishers will be asked to join a public event in Rome in December. Participants will be asked to present their publication in a public event to be held at the Royal Academy of Spain and get involved in a publication with the results of the project. The entire programme, and the public event in particular, will be conditioned by the necessary sanitary and health guidelines due to COVID-19 and might be altered.

Selected submissions for both categories will be displayed on

Key Info
➔ It is possible to apply with more than one publication or project. In the case of editorial projects or initiatives larger than a publication, it is preferable to fill out a single application referring to the entire project.

➔ Selected publications will be exhibited at the aforementioned installation. Shipment to Rome shall be assumed by the selected applicant (the concerned author, publisher, etc.).

➔ 8-10 selected speakers will be invited to join the public event, which will take place on 16, 17, 18 December 2020.

➔ Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by New Generations.

➔ Event participants (B) will commit to submitting a written article related to their intervention of 1500-2000 words. The article will be edited and reviewed after the Festival and will be compiled in a single publication at the culmination of the three years of the festival (2020-2022).

➔ Selected participants will be contacted by New Generations by October 10th.

Submit your publications before
Sunday, October 4, 24:00 GMT+1
by filling in this form.





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